Infographic: 11 Differences Between iOS and Android

Are you still undecided whether to get Android or iOS? If so, you should know the differences between these two popular smartphones operating system. And why would you choose one over another?

Many users switched from Android to iOS because of security issues. Likewise, many users switched to Android from iOS because of compatibility and flexibility factors. Actually, these two OS have their own features and capabilities. Furthermore, not all people have the same preferences.

The question now is, which of these two OS is the best? Of course, no one can answer that unless you experience using both of them, then you can make comparisons. Regardless of which dominates the operating system industry, their differences can affect the buyers choice.

So, if ever you are still undecided of which smartphone you are going to buy, this post will help you with that. Here are the 11 differences which can be your basis on choosing between iOS and Android.



Image Source: infographic journal

How to Run Android Apps on PC (3 Easy Methods)

Almost every person in the modern world has a smartphone. There are various operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows which are used to make these smartphones functional. Amongst these, Android is one of the most widely used operating system. Have you ever wondered if you can run your Android apps on your PC without using Bluestacks or any other Android emulator?

If yes, here we are with a list if methods which you can use to run Android apps on your computer! And if not, you can still learn how to run Android apps on your computer without using Bluestacks.

Note: It’s not like we hate bluestacks, it’s one of the best android emulator’s out there. We use bluestacks each and every day. By the way, you can download bluestacks¬†latest version from here.

Android Apps on PC

Running Android Apps on PC

Best Methods to Run Android Apps on PC without Bluestacks are:

Method 1: By using ARC Welder.

ARC Welder is an extension for Google Chrome web browser, which allows you to run your Android apps on your PC. You can add it to your browser from the Chrome Web Store.

You can use this extension on almost every operating system such as Windows, Mac, etc. All you need is Google Chrome web browser installed on your PC. To run Android apps on your PC using ‘ARC Welder,’ follow the steps listed below.

Step 1- if you do not have the Google Chrome web briefed on your PC, download and install it!

Step 2- Now, add ‘ARC Welder‘ extension to your Chrome browser.

Step 3- Once the extension is successfully added, download the APK of any Android app you want on your PC. You can search for the apk file on the internet.

Step 4- Launch ‘ARC Welder‘ in your Chrome browser and choose a directory where ‘ARC Welder‘ can store some temporary files on your computer.

Step 5- Now, click on ‘Add your APK‘ option and choose the APK from the dialog box which artists on your screen. Then, click on ‘Test‘ to launch the downloaded app.

Note: You can run only one Android app at a time. To run another app, you need to close the app you are currently using.

Method 2: By using ARChon Runtime for Chrome

Even this is another extension for the Google Chrome web browser. The steps to run any app on it is similar to ARC Welder but the steps included in installing this retention to your chrome browser are quite different. The steps to be executed for installing it on your PC are:

Step 1- Download and install Google Chrome on your PC.

Step 2- Download the ‘ARChon Custom Runtime‘ extension to your Google Chrome web browser on your PC.

Step 3- Now, unzip it to install the extension to your Chrome. Also, you must enable the ‘Developer mode.’

Step 4- Here, select ‘Load unpacked extensions‘ option.

Step 5- Now, choose the folder containing the unzipped ARChon runtime files.

That is how you can download and install¬†‘ARChon Runtime‘ extension to your Google Chrome web browser.

Method 3:

The most convenient method to run any Android app on your PC is by using an app player! The app players create an Android like environment on your PC which allows your PC to run Android apps on it!

There are numerous app players available for the users. Some of the widely used app players are:

1. Genymotion.

2. Droid4X.

3. Nox Player.

4. KoPlayer.

Here, we will be discussing the steps to be executed for installing Genymotion app player on your PC.

Step 1- Launch a web browser on your PC.

Step 2- Now, go to the official website of Genymotion and download the required files from the official website on your PC.

Step 3- Once the files are downloaded successfully, install this app player on your PC.

Step 4- Once Genymotion is installed on your PC, you can start using Android apps on your PC over it.

By now, you will have successfully downloaded and installed Genymotion on your PC. You can start using its features for free.


These were some of the best and working methods which you can use to download and run Android apps on your PC with almost any operating system.

If you know of any better method or if you have any queries related to the methods listed above, then please let us know about them in the comments section below.