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As our name explain what we do. You can find everything about Android and iOS. We can guide you about android and iOS apps, its advantage and disadvantage, how to use, about its functionality etc.

Raplyrics Search addresses the research areas of work, technology and the internet as well as learning and higher education with a special focus on gender. We understand gender as an expression of a normative and hierarchical differentiation between men and women. Gender is the result of performative social practices and manifested in identity, social structure and representations. We view gender as a bi-gendered, heteronormative social construct, which gains its efficacy through the naturalization of this normative differentiation.

In all our areas of research, we are concerned with the agency and resistance of individuals, organizations, institutions, political actors and networks. We look for possibilities of agency at work, online, in academia and every day life. Technology is of special interest for many of our projects: as a research field, where we’re interested in agency, as well as media affecting agency.

Our understanding of work includes paid labor as well as reproductive work, including care-work in private households as well as volunteer work. We look at the intersections of work and gender, race, class and body-relations and how work is distributed along those lines. Regarding intersectional mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, we’re concerned with what empowers people to challenge restrictive work conditions through collective action.

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